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At Lyon Metal Roofing (LMR), our goal is to carry the best and most complete product lines in the metal roofing industry.  Our metal panels, trim, and accessories will last a lifetime; therefore we focus on the quality of the product so that not only will it last, but also it will look the best that it can throughout its life. 

Roofing & Siding Panels

  • LMR offers metal roofing and siding panels in 29, 26, and 24 gauge thicknesses in many profiles, colors, and shapes. We have metal panels to meet any metal roofing or siding requirement. LMR is also proud to provide metal shingles, stone coated metal shingles, roll roofing, and flat roofing EPDM.

Trim & Accessories

  • LMR offers all metal roofing trim, and accessories needed for proper installation of metal roofing & siding systems. Including ridgecap, valley, endwall flashing, sidewall flashing, transition-pitch change, small outside corner, large outside corner, 3” rake trim, snow guard, j-channel, baseguard, underlayment, pipe boots, screws, caulk, and much more. Custom trim pieces are also available upon request. 
LMR is also a supplier of:
  • Metal roof screws with washers in all colors and lengths from 1" to 2.5".
  • Pancake head screws for standing seam metal roof installation.
  • Roll insulation for metal roofing, post frame, & metal building applications.
  • Pipe flashings designed for metal roofing applications.
  • Aztec Washer products.
  • Malco Products: Metal Shears, Snips, Folding Tools, Edge Roller, Hand Seamers, Rivet Gun, etc.
  • Ashland / Truco Products: Pliobond Bonding Adhesive, Primer & Splice Wash, Black Butyl Splice Adhesive, etc.
  • Clear Sun Sky Panels designed to fit the 5 Rib - Agricultural Panel System.
  • Cannon Ball Track System for Sliding Doors.
  • Metal Roofing Carport Packages.
  • EDCO Arrowline Metal Shingles.




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